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Natures time proven herbal medicine natural health products, herbal remedies, vitamins & minerals, natural herbal creams, colloidal silver products, minerals, detox kits, natural parasite remedies, natural remedies for men, woman and kids and more

Kiwikitz supply a quality range of GE free, time proven herbal remedies, nutritional health supplements,  NZ native plant remedies Rongoa, natural creams plus Harmony natural progesterone cream, detox kits, natural pet remedies & dog supplements, nutritional powders, colloidal mineral & colloidal silver products, anti-aging natural health products DONZ Natural OPC antioxidant grape seed resveratrol.   Kiwikitz™ natural health products are designed for your  specific needs & to optomise your healing potential.

By choosing Kiwikitz™ sometimes also referred to as Kiwi Kits, Kiwikits or Kiwi Kitz you are supporting home grown New Zealand natural health product manufacturing, the sustainable, growing industry around organic, wild crafted and indigenous New Zealand plants & supporting a small NZ company that produces quality, affordable natural health products, free of  free flowing agents and chemical additives found in many natural health supplements.  Our herbal remedies are undiluted. 

Kiwikitz products and information are designed as a support programme and not to replace existing medications. If symptoms persist, please consult your health professional. Taking natural herbs and supplements at a different mealtime than exisiting medication is recommended to ensure absolute safety for our clients. Pregnant or nursing mothers should advise their health professionals before taking any natural health products. 'Kiwikitz™ Natural Iron & Pick-me-up Tonic is produced for pregnant and nursing mothers, and therefore safe to take.


"We are visitors on this planet.  We are here for ninety to one hundred years at the most.  During that period we must try to do something useful with our lives.  if you contribute to other people's happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life"  (The 14th Dalai Lama)



"Congratulations on an outstanding and comprehensive product line.  As a retired physician who has personally used your products for many years I value your integrity and principles used in formulating such a comprehensive and far-reaching variety of natural health remedies.  I feel there is great value in each product when considering the quality ingredients of each product and the cost.  The information you provide surely allows an interested consumer the opportunity to choose therapies to hopefully benefit their health care" (Dr. Basinger)


1991 - Debs Chase-Paterson opened the orginal Natural Therapies Clinic in Te Puke, providing natural therapy services & therapists, herbal dispensary, clinic, Jamu indonesian herbal remedy powders, homeobotanicals & various natural health products
1993 - Produced Harmony Natural Progesterone support Cream - the original Harmony Hormone Cream, the original NZ made Natural Herbal Hormone Balance & Menopause Support Cream - also called natural Wild Yam progesterone cream (progesterone precurser), under the Natural Therapy label 
2000 - Clients request premixed blends for common health problems & preventative health nutrients which led to Debs creating 50 natural health products based on time proven traditional herbal blends, plus a nutritional supplement range, powders & creams
2001 - Launched the full range of NZ natural health products including supplements, herbal remedies, NZ native plant remedies, nutritional powders, creams and detox kits under the trademarked name of Kiwikitz™
2009 - Created a range of  natural remedies for Holistic NZ specifically for Japanese Woman clients
2010 - Added natural healing waxes, body butter & more to the Holistic NZ range of products
2011 - The natural pet range consisting of 5 products were produced
2015 - Created the Detoxifbre for Wellness Wave Colon hydrotherapy therapy & Oxygen Ozone Therapy
2016 - Created a range of natural charcoal skin care products for a  beauty therapy online business
2017 - The Natural Pet Remedies Store became its own identity and Kiwikitz NZ continued distributing the products
2017 - 6th November, Shiree and Jason Lundberg purchased the Kiwikitz natural health product business now trading as Kiwikitz NZ


2011 SPECIAL COMMENDATION AWARD, Focus Te Puke Business Awards - Kiwikitz Ltd