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 What are gallstones?

Gall stones are crystallized cholesterol or pigmented stones (calcium/bile) and are found  in the gallbladder and between the liver and gallbladder and liver and intestine passages. 

What do gallstones do?

Gallstones have a negative effect on our often struggling digestive system resulting in a reduced ability to absorb fats effectively.  Vitamin A, D E and K are fat soluable vitamins,  so it is really important to ensure that foods containing these vitamins are eaten in abundance.  These foods are mainly orange and yellow fresh foods e.g carrots, rockmelon, cod liver oil,  leafy greens, sprouts, seaweed and yoghurt.  

What are gallstone symptoms?

Symptoms that gallstones may be present are varied with the individual.   Some people experience sharp or persistent right shoulder pain for no apparent reason, pale often sticky stools, bloating and discomfort after eating - especially a fatty meal i.e. pork roast and gravy.  Sometimes rash and skin irritations magically reduce or disappear following gallbladder cleanse.

Choose a diet low in starchy and refined carbohydrates like white bread and replace with grain crackers. Consume more fresh, raw fruit and vegetables and vegetable protein from plants. i.e. hummus containing chickpea.  Exchange rich cheeses for feta, riccotta and plain cottage cheese.

Chew food well to stimulate better digestion and avoid drinking with meals as this reduces valuable digestive juices needed to fully digest your meals.  It may be helpful to put knife and fork down between each mouthful.  

Why should I flush Gallstones? 

Gallbladder flushing seeks to support better functioning of both the liver and gallbladder by improving the bile flow and softening the stones so they are gradually broken up and excreted more effectively.  If following a safe Gall bladder flush plan, you will pass tiny little 'pepples' or may flush larger soft jelly like matter or sludge-like stools.

Be wary of gallbladder flush regimes over 2-3 days that do not include a specific gradual change of eating prior to the flush as this is necessary support dissolving and softening stones,  prior to flushing. 

How can I flush gallstones safely?

Removing gallstones naturally - by following our Eleven Day Gallbladder Flush Plan in conjunction with the Kiwikitz Gallbladder/Kidney/Liver/Lymphathic Herbal Drops in doses as directed on the Gallbladder flush plan, we believe you will achieve results as we have been promoting this plan for over 20 years.  We put this gallstone flush program together after having many clients try and do a gallstone detox within 2-3 days and becoming unwell.  We think instant gallstone flushing can be unwise without first preparing the body so gallstones soften or start breaking down into gallstone sludge prior to following any gallstone detox programs

Please contact us for your free copy of our Gallbladder flushing recommendations.


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