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How to Detox Naturally

How to Detox Naturally

How to detox naturally... Kiwikitz™natural supplements, colon cleanse products and herbals below to find out more about how to detox using the appropriate products listed.

"Whenever I take the Detox drops & follow the Kiwikitz eating plan, the weight just peels off me and I feel energised and less congested"

Detox Program - We can supply you with handouts for both a Detox eating plan on how to detox naturally and a gentle Gallbladder flushing program -  on request.

Day 1 - worms and cravings
Day 2 - headaches loads more worms and feeling a bit glum
Day 3 - watch out I feel fantastic, sleep was good and I feel less tired
Day 4 - I feel pious!!!!! I cannot believe people slum it in cafes and waste their livers on caffeine, tut tut!
Day 5 - two walks in one day and I cleaned the oven!
Day 6 - this morning before school I cleaned the cutlery drawer???????????? Are you sure this stuff is legal. 

Thanks for the Kiwikitz Detox & Parasite Cleanse - I feel taller!!
Loving it guys and I would recommend. Much aroho Jane

Kiwikitz products are not a replacement for prescribed medication.    As a general rule - supplements, herbals & rongoa should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding mums unless specifically recommended by their hearbalist or health professional. Supplements & herbals are best taken at a different meal time than their prescribed medication.   Please follow directions on labels & handouts for more information.

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Gallbladder Flushing – the 11 day plan
Eligible for Free Shipping Gallbladder Kit
Traditional gallbladder flushing improves health of gallbladder, excrete gallstones naturally, traditional gallstone flushing using method to detox gallbladder & flush gall stones

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