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 What is MSM?

  MSM is a naturally occurring Sulphur compound, Sulphur is the third most abundant mineral in the body.

I personally love MSM, I find this supplement fantastic for helping with any sore muscles and inflammation. It is also recommended for seasonal allergies. Sulphur is known as a blood conditioner and can help aid the liver in absorbing other nutrients. Also referred to as the beauty enhancing mineral as it has been known to make a difference to hair, nails and skin integrity.

 MSM has shown some positive benefits in the following,

•Reducing the inflammatory response after exercise therefore improving recovery time

•Reducing exercise induced muscle and joint pain

•Reducing respiratory symptoms and fatigue in seasonal allergic Rhinitis

•Improvements in skin health and wrinkle reduction

• Improvement in Osteoarthritic large joint pain and mobility (especially when combined with glucosamine)

•Improvement in pain and physical function on osteoarthritis of the knee

•May be helpful for people who have digestive issues and/or chronic constipation

•Immune system support

Kiwikitz™ has MSM on its own and as an ingredient in our Joint and Ligament support.