Herb highlight Valerian

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Botanical name- Valeriana officinalis

Part used- Dried rhizome and Roots

Snippets in History

Ancient Greeks
Hippocrates -Medical historians generally look to Hippocrates as the founder of medicine as a rational science. He is most remembered for his Hippocratic Oath and his principle of "first, do no harm."  Valerian was described by Hippocrates as a remedy for insomnia
Galen -Greek physician to Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, prescribed it for insomnia and as a decongestant
Middle Ages
Valerian was used in the middle ages for menstrual and abdominal pain.It was also used during this time for epilpetic seizures.
It was used to help treat post-traumatic stress
It was used in England to alleviate stress from the constant bombing from the air.

Traditional use and information

Valerian has been traditionally used for the following,
Sedative-useful in Insomnia , calms the mind without having a narcotic effect.
Carminative- For support with restlessness and hysteria
Antispasmodic- supports relaxation of smooth muscle spasm, it has been used historically for stomach cramps, muscle spasm, useful for menstrual cramps, coughs, headaches
Analgesic, pain relieving properties
Has a high calcium content
It is often used in combination with other herbs such as Skullcap and Passion Flower for helping with nervous tension,restlessness and Insomnia. In a combination of Valerian with Black Cohosh for relieving cramps and spasms. These are just to name a few as it has been used in many different herbal combinations as well as on its own.