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If you love travel then you want to be able to be as comfortable and supported as you can.

Studies have found that it can take up to a full day to recover from each time zone you travel through. Moving from different time zones can be very disruptive to our bodies. It can cause fatigue, digestive issues, lack of concentration and reduced memory.

These are responses from the disruption to our Circadian rhythm (body clock). Almost all functions of the body follow this rhythm.

The best times to catch up on sleep after your flight is when your body is in its circadian low. This may vary from person to person but you may notice when your body naturally dips in energy. This is usually around 3-5pm or for some people 1-3pm. A short sleep of 10-30 mins during the circadian low may help with fatigue and keep you more focused.

Make sure you are hydrated (try and stay away from the alcohol and coffee) and keep up your water intake.

Get a good sleep before you go if you can as this gives the body some reserves for when you have sleep loss.

Did you know that there are some really great herbs to help?

Hawthorn- Sourced from the flower tips and berries, Hawthorn is traditionally used as a cardiac tonic and supports circulation.

Yarrow- Tonic to support better digestion when travelling

Ginger- Ginger is sourced from ginger root. It is commonly added to herbal tonics to increase absorption and transportation of other herbs in the remedy. It stimulates circulation. It encourages better blood flow to ease muscular stiffness, aches and pains. It is also useful for motion sickness when travelling. My husband takes a little bottle of jet lag out fishing to help with nausea if it gets really rough.

There are also herbs that you can take with you to ward off those icky bugs

Myrrh- a traditional antiseptic for wounds and gargle

Grapefruit seed extract- antiviral and antifungal properties

Lemon balm-antibacterial properties- traditionally used for blisters, herps, sores and boils

Echinacea-known to kill virus, fungi, protozoa and bacteria

Oxygenated colloidal silver-traditionally used in the treatment of many infectious disorders

These are great in an atomiser spray as they all work together as a sanitiser, this is why Kiwikitz developed a specific product that can also use as a throat spray, on your hands, toilet seats and wherever you find the need, ready to go and easy to keep in the bag for when it is needed. For travel near and far.

Kiwikitz travel products-

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