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Passionflower as a stress support

Botanical name- Passiflora incarnata

Common names- Maypop, Apricot vine, passion vine,

Native to- Southern parts of the USA.

Interesting facts-

It is the official wild flower of Tennessee.

The plant name originates from 15th and 16th century when Spanish missionaries identified similarities in the shape, arrangement and number of individual floral parts with crucifixion of Christ (also known as "the passion").

Parts used- aerial parts

Traditional nervous system use-

            It has been used by itself and in combination with other herbs to treat nervous anxiety and insomnia.

           Nervous tension, nervous tension headaches, restlessness and irritability,

           Has been used for anxiety associated with increased heart rate e.g. before a speech and nervous hyperventilating

           Nausea caused by nervousness or anxiety

           Insomnia associated with menopause

           May be of assistance in opiate withdrawal – some studies have seen it useful in monitored   drug detoxification protocols to aid  in              withdrawal symptoms.