Natural Antiseptic Oral Spray

Natural Antiseptic Oral Spray
  • Helps eliminate breath odour

  • A natural herbaceous tasting antiseptic to cleanse and freshen the breath

  • As an oral defence against germs

  • Natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral germ busting properties

  • Anti-fungal action to help reduce and speed healing for fungal related oral issues

  • Anti-inflammatory properties may be useful for inflamed oral tissue

  • Healing support for eruptive gums, sores and viral outbreaks

  • Can be used inside the mouth plus on the lips especially for skin eruptions

  • Antioxidant properties support cells threatened by toxins, chemicals & excess damaging free radicals

  • Oral health & hygiene for gum and spraying toothbrush regularly

Use 2-3 times daily or 1 spray more often as required

New Zealand Native Plant Kanuka

Kanuka used in this spray is certified 100% pure & natural essential oil and has beneficial use, demonstrating antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. Kanuka has a herbaceous aroma & taste

Turmeric Herbal Extract

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant which means it helps your tissue repair cells and helps support your cells and their integrity when threatened by chemicals and toxins and excess free radicals which cause oxidation. The active ingredient is called curcumin and has the potential benefit of support better immune health


Melissa used in this spray is certified 100% pure & natural essential oil and has many benefits including supporting healthy immune. One of the valuable benefits of Melissa therapeutic oil is for use in an oral spray, is the bactericidal properties and the flavonoids that may be helpful for mouth breakout. Melissa has a sweet and fresh taste


Cinnamon leaf used in this spray is certified 100% pure and natural essential oil and is valued for its many properties and use to support better oral health and hygiene. Cinnamon is a mild astringent with antiseptic and antibacterial action and has a distinctive, clean taste


Spearmint used in this spray is certified as pure and natural essential oil. Spearmint has antiseptic and disinfectant properties which is why this valuable oil is used in this spray. Another benefit of spearmint is the fresh, minty taste that most people really enjoy in an oral product.

Oxygenated Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has traditionally been used as a natural form of antibiotic topically and internally before penicillin was discovered. Our colloidal silver is made in small batched and oxygenated and included in this spray as a base liquid for its broad range of natural antibiotic action, antifungal and antiviral properties and assists healing. Colloidal Silver is well researched regarding the effective treatment of many infectious disorders (refer to William E Briggs Colloidal Silver – The True Picture)

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