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Barrier & All Purpose Healing Cream Support -14%

Barrier & All Purpose Healing Cream Support

Ingredients: New Zealand Kawakawa, Chickweed, St Johns Wort, Myrrh,Yarrow, Turmeric  extract in a  Oxygenated Colloidal Silver Cream base with Cajuput essential oil  60gm" I have used the Kiwikitz Barrier & General Healing Cream for many years now when I have several..

NZ$ 35.00 NZ$ 30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.09

Blood Sugar Balance Drops - Sweet Cravings Weight Management

Ingredients: Chromium,Cinnamon, Goats Rue, Blue Flag, Gymnema, Turmeric, Milk Thistle Kiwikitz™ Blood Sugar Balance support drops are recommended for blood balance support, sweet cravings and weight management issues.  This blend is not designed to replace existing medication. The Detox D..

NZ$ 40.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 34.78

Bowel & Toxin Cleanse Chlorophyll-rich

Ingredients: Organic Flax fibre, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Ginger Kiwikitz™  Bowel & Toxin Cleanse contains valuable plant nutrients, mucilage soluble fibre in a powdered formula that is recommended for:promoting better bowel health supporting those suffering from inflammatory bow..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43

BRONCHIAL & LUNG ELIXIR with Kumarahou drops

Kiwikitz™ Bronchial & Lung Elixir Ingredients: Kumarahou, Thyme, Skullcap, Fenugreek, Albizzia, ChamomileOur user-friendly instant drops can be carried in a pocket or handbag. Larger drop bottles are available for family use or ongoing use.a general lung elixir tonic restorative nervine..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74


Kiwikitz™ Castor oil pack has traditionally been used for the following reasons and was first introduced by Edgar Cayce as a first response to most health issues.   Edgar Cayce used castor oil packs extensively for most of his 10,000 contacts with clients and his healing work is well docum..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

Cayenne Turmeric Instant use drops New

Cayenne Turmeric Instant use drops

Cayenne extract includes antioxidant turmeric extract and comes in user friendly instant drops - pop-in-your-pocket or handbag bottle. Cayenne for heart health - traditional use of cayenne for heart health is well documented and has become more popular again over the years with research demonstrati..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

CLAY CLEANSE Detox Powder New


Pristine, sun-dried calcium bentonite desert green clay is combined with organic psyllium to provide a simple yet effective detox solution. This clay is charged with negative ions and is inert.  However, once water is added, the ions become activated and attract positively charged, unhealthy pa..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13


Kiwikitz™ Natural Colloidal Mineral liquid concentrate - Perfect natural plant combination of all essential minerals including chromium (blood), zinc, (eyes and skin), copper (reduces cholesterol) in easily absorbed form.Ingredients: Organic Derived 65 Bio-Available Macro And Trace MineralsM..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

Colloidal Silver Cream - Popular Antibacterial Action

Ingredients: Oxygenated Colloidal Silver (10ppm at time of manufacture) in a natural cream base free of parabens & other nastiesBurns Sores & Wounds Slow-to-Heal Skin Persistent Fungal or Bacterial Infection Resistant to other forms of treatment Hang Nails 'Jock' ItchKiwikitz™..

NZ$ 20.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 17.39


 Highly nutritious powder designed to thoroughly cleanse the colon naturallyAbility to bind and excrete chemicals, heavy metals and toxinsEncourages excretion of bowel sludge Relieves diarrhoea & constipation by producing bulk and assisting excretion Helps keep pol..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43

COUGH DROPS original pop-in-your-pocket instant drops

Kiwikitz™ Cough Drops original herbal extract remedy for over 15 years - Ginger, Mullien, Skullcap, Euphorbia, Liquorice, Vegetable GlycerineCough cough coughHad enough?  POP-IN-YOUR-POCKET then POP UNDER YOUR TONGUE - the traditional, time proven, popular,  instant-use Cough..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

D-Stress pop in your pocket instant drops 27ml

Our original natural herbal stress drops are so easy to use.  Just pop in your pocket or handbag and take as needed.   Contains Chamomile, Nettle, Passionflower, Skullcap & LiquoriceEmotional support Soothing, calming herbal action Aiding relaxation when stressed Mental or emoti..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

DETOX FLUSH Liver/Kidney Flush drops

Kiwikitz™Detox Flush Drops contain gentle, time proven traditional herbs recommended to:cleanse - tone - protect better health for both the liver and kidneys indigestion relieving action preventative action against toxic chemicals damaging liver tissue  how to gently detox? diuretic..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74


POP-IN-YOUR-POCKET for instant use.  Take a few drops before meals and feel the difference! Kiwikitz™ Digestive Bitters - A combination of traditional time proven herbs designed to stimulate and increase the production of valuiable digestive juices in the pancreas, duodenum, stomach and t..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

Endurance Muscle Power Endorphine Producing instant drops

Endurance drops are recommended before and during sport or when an extra burst of energy is neededIngredients: Panax and Siberian Ginseng, Guarana, Damiana, Gotu Kola, Cayenne, Ginger and TurmericMental or physical exertion support nutrient Promotes energy and vitality Improved circul..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

ENERGY BOOSTER pop-in-your-pocket instant drops

Kiwikitz™ Energy Booster our original time-proven drops contain Gingko, Schisandra, Ginger, Barberry, Liquorice POP-IN-YOUR POCKET iINSTANT drops- popular, energy boosting herbal blend in a pop-in-your-pocket, user friendly dropper bottle.  Use anytime, anywhere and feel the difference! Energ..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

Eruptive, Irritated Skin Rash Cream

Kiwikitz™ Eruptive & Irritated Skin Cream is recommended for:Skin Irritation & Eruptions Burns Promotes rapid skin healing Sores Germ-Busting herbal action Wounds Weeping Skin Mineral rich, anmtioxidant rich nutrients Rash Bites & Stings Sunburn & Windburn Acne support..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43

Evening Primrose /NZ Flaxseed Oil Heart/Brain/Skin

Kiwikitz VEGETABLE OMEGA 3, 6, 9 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS  - containing quality New Zealand grown Flax seed oil.  An excellent choice for both People and their Pets! Ingredients in Kiwikitz™ omega supplment - Evening Primrose Oil 500mg, New Zealand Flax seed Oil 500ml cap..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43

Everyday Wellness remedy for pets

NATURAL PET REMEDIES STORE Everyday Wellness Tonic is distributed by Kiwikitz NZ Everyday Wellness Longevity Elixir is a wonderful pick-me-up tonic high in properties that naturally promote and support the following:Skin, hair and nail health Providing health protecting antioxidants..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

Flea & Intestinal Worm Kit

FLEA & INTESTINAL WORMS KIT -  Distributed by Kiwikitz NZ The Natural Pet Remedies Store - Natural Flea & Intestinal Worm KIT contains the following two products1 x droplet bottle o fNatural Flea & Intestinal Worms Herbal Drops t 1 x sachet of Nutritious Brewers Yeas..

NZ$ 30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.09

Foot Balm Aromatherapy Cream Soothing for Tired, Cracked or Dry Feet

Kiwikitz™ Aromatherapy Foot Balm contains Vitamin E and Essential Oils in a natural cream baseCracked Heels Dry or Uncomfortable Feet Relax & D-Stress Feet Smoothing & Nourishing Feet & Ankles Tired, Tense Feet & Hands Soothing AromatherapyKiwikitz™ Soothing Aromat..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43


Clivers/Milk Thistle/Globe Artichoke/Dandelion/Dan Shen/Barberry/GingerKiwikitz™ Gallbladder/Kidney/Lymphatic Detox blend supports better Gall bladder function and helps resotre better function to the kidneys and lymphatic system.Natural Gallstone flushing recommendations We can provide a s..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

GERMS-B-WARE Immune & Lymphatic Tonic with Kawakawa-

Kiwikitz™ Germs-B-Ware contains Kawakawa, Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Burdock plus Dandelion and EchinaceaCongested & feeling miserable? Usual remedies just haven't been as effective? Always seem to be 'catching something'? Bugs seem to hit you each year? Cough, coug..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

GINGKO drops for memory circulation

Kiwikitz™ Gingko drops (also spelt Ginkgo) for memory, gingko for circulation, gingko antioxidant, gingko for post stroke nutrientsMemory and concentration enhancerPromotes better blood flow to the brainHelps reduce stickness of blood and helps keep blood cells healthyAntiox..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

Gout-eze Drops 50ml New

Gout-eze Drops 50ml

Kiwikitz™ Gout-eze Drops contain a blend of herbal extracts to support better health when experiencing joint aches and pains, particularly the sharp nerve pain associated with high uric acid levels. Pain can be experienced in and around any joint and often the big toe becomes warm, swollen and incre..

NZ$ 40.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 34.78