Herbals for Everything

Herbals for Everything

Kiwikitz Ltd produce a significant range of Natural Herbal Products to compliment the Kiwikitz supplement range of vitamins & minerals, natural herbal creams and colon cleanse support powders. Kiwikitz comprehensive range of natural health products and herbal support drops are produced and maintained in New Zealand.Some ingredients are sourced from outside New Zealand due to availibility and growing conditions                                   

Kiwikitz Herbal extracts were introduced in 2001 and created by Industry Professionals with many years experience in growing, gathering and producing natural tonics .

Kiwikitz products are designed to support and not a replacement for prescribed medication. Supplements, herbals & rongoa should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding mums unless recommended by your  health professional. Take supplements & herbals at a different time from medication. Take as directed and if symptoms persist see your health professional.

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Blood Sugar Balance Drops - Sweet Cravings Weight Management 100ml

Kiwikitz™ Blood Sugar Balance support drops are recommended for blood balance support, sweet cravings and weight management issues.  This blend is not designed to replace existing medication. support in reducing ‘sweet food' craving weight management - a..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

BRONCHIAL & LUNG ELIXIR with Kumarahou drops

Our user-friendly instant drops can be carried in a pocket or handbag. Larger drop bottles are available for family use or ongoing use.These drops are now in 2 sizes- 30ml amber glass dropper bottle and 100ml amber glass dropper bottleGeneral lung elixir tonic Supports the nervous syste..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

Chest ease- Instant drops 30ml

Kiwikitz™  original herbal extract remedy for over 15 years - Ginger, Mullien, Skullcap, Euphorbia, Liquorice, Vegetable GlycerineThese may be taken by someone to soothe the throatOh so easy to use! Herbal support for a calm chest Herbal support for excess mucous..

NZ$ 30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.09

D-Stress instant drops 30ml

Our original natural herbal stress drops are so easy to use.  Just pop in your bag and take as needed.Contains Chamomile, Nettle, Passionflower and Skullcap in a 30ml amber glass bottle with glass dropper.Soothing, calming herbal remedy Supports relaxation in times of stress Supp..

NZ$ 30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.09


Detox and Cleanse Herbal SupportKiwikitz™Detox Flush Drops contain gentle,  traditional herbs recommended to support:cleanse - tone - protect  liver and kidney support digestive support gentle detox support Herbs researched in their role to support healthy choleste..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13


POP-IN-YOUR-POCKET for instant use.  Take a few drops before meals and feel the difference!Contains- Gentian, ginger and chamomileKiwikitz™ Digestive Bitters - A combination of traditional  herbs designed to support the production of valuable digestive juices.When di..

NZ$ 30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.09

Endurance Muscle Power 100ml

Endurance drops are recommended before and during sport or when an extra burst of energy is neededIngredients: Panax and Siberian Ginseng, Guarana, Damiana, Gotu Kola, Cayenne, Ginger and TurmericMental or physical exertion support nutrient Promotes energy and vitality Supports normal..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

ENERGY BOOSTER pop-in-your-pocket instant drops

Kiwikitz™ Energy Booster our original time-proven drops contain Gingko, Schisandra, Ginger, Barberry, Liquorice30ml Glass dropper bottleINSTANT drops- popular, energy boosting herbal blend in a pop-in-your-pocket, user friendly dropper bottle.  Use anytime, anywhere and feel the d..

NZ$ 30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.09


Contains -Cleavers/Milk Thistle/Globe Artichoke/Dandelion/Dan Shen/Barberry/Ginger Support for gallbladder, kidneys and lymphDosage- 20 drops 3 times a day in between meals Kiwikitz products are designed to support and not a replacement for prescribed medication. Supplements, herba..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

GERMS-B-WARE Immune & Lymphatic Tonic with Kawakawa- 100ml

Olive Leaf, Echinacea,Astragalus, Burdock, Dandelion, Cayenne and native KawakawaMay be taken by those who need support for,Easy breathing and clear airways A healthy immune system Supporting the body's natural immune defences during the winter season Respiratory function Need..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

GINKGO drops

Kiwikitz™ Ginkgo dropsConcertrated Herbal drops to support normal circulation and liver healthSupports mental clarity and focus.Size: 100ml amber glass bottle with glass dropperKiwikitz products are designed to support and not a replacement for prescribed medication. Supplement..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

Gout-eze Drops 50ml

Kiwikitz™ Gout-eze Drops contain a blend of herbal extracts to support better health when experiencing joint aches and pains, particularly the sharp nerve pain associated with high uric acid levels. Pain can be experienced in and around any joint and often the big toe becomes warm, swollen and..

NZ$ 40.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 34.78

Hormone Change-of-Life Support Tonic

Kiwikitz™ Hormone Harmony Wild Yam Change-of-Life TonicThis Natural Menopause Support tonic in easily administered drop form, contains herbs traditionally used to provide support for,Normal hormonal balance Temperature balance Healthy Libido support Fluid balance Menstrual ..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

Hormone System Balance Tonic & Liver support

Wild Yam, Black Cohosh, Valerian Root, Ginger, Milk Thistle & Chaste Tree This recipe is recommended as a support nutrient for woman during hormonal change and is based on traditional herbal ingredients long use for: Supporting hormonal balance Supports norm..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

JETLAG/TRAVEL Instant drops pop-in-your-pocket

Kiwikitz™  Jetlag ingredients: Hawthorn, Yarrow, Ginger, Vegetable Glycerine Contains Ginger which is well known for its stomach settling effects Supports normal circulation Supportive herbals for travel Pop-in-your pocket and reach for  your  ideal..

NZ$ 30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.09


100ml amber glass bottle with glass dropperIngredients: Passiflora, Skullcap, Oats, Chamomile, Liquorice & Vegetable GlycerineKiwikitz™ Kids Wind-down Drops Soothing, calming herbal remedy Supports relaxation in times of stress Supports mental or emotional e..

NZ$ 42.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 36.52


Need an immune support herbal tonic? that you can take all winter in easily dispensed drop form?   Try our Kids Immune drops.  Please note this product contains HoneyIngredients: Liquorice, Echinacea, Red clover, Myrrh, Calendula, Ginger, Cleavers, Peppermint + HoneySupports a..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

MUMS Calming Instant Wind-down Drops

KIWIKITZ™ MUMS CALMING instant drops - just pop-in-your-pocket and taken whenever needed.Traditional herbal support containing Motherwort, Oats And HopsMOTHERS -  LITTLE - HELPERKiwikitz to the rescue ... when stress is magnified and all those little issues suddenly seem so overwh..

NZ$ 26.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 22.61

NATURAL IRON PICK-ME-UP Mineral Tonic Safe in Pregnancy 100ml

Kiwikitz™ Natural iron & General Pick-me-up Tonic contains  Burdock Nettle DandelionChickweed,Yellow DockTurmericSupports normal Iron levels. Non-constipating. Safe for pregnant women.Additional valuable sources of iron Ground or dry roaste..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13


Kiwikitz™ Parasite Cleanse contains vermifuges - herbs that support a healthy gut.Parasite drops contain Wormwood,  Walnut,  Liquorice,  Senna, ClovesHow long do I take the Kiwikitz™ Parasite Cleanse for? Kiwikitz™ Parasite Drops needs to be taken f..

NZ$ 42.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 36.52

SANITIZING Atomiser & THROAT ATOMISER Travel/Sore throat

Throat and skin supportThe Kiwikitz™ Sanitizing Atomiser - Natures best traditional germ busting support herbals combined with oxygenated colloidal silver, to produce this user friendly instant-use atomizer. We recommend having an atomizer on hand as a natural immune support that may be ta..

NZ$ 0.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 0.00

SEASONAL CONGESTION Tonic/Building Resistance support 100ml

Tonic to support building resistance to seasonal congestionContains: Albizia, Billberry,Nettle, Skullcap, Witch hazel, Ginger in 100ml amber glass bottle with glass dropper Kiwikitz products are designed to support and not a replacement for prescribed medication. Supplements, herbal..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

Skin Soother Support Spray for pets

NATURAL PET REMEDIES STORE products are distributed by Kiwikitz NZ he Skin Soother support spray for pets is a natural skin spray which is made in New Zealand and may support soothing & calming itchy skin for minor skin conditions and insect bites.   Suitable ..

NZ$ 30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.09

SNOOZE our original new zealand sleep promoting recipe


NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

STRESS Support Herbal Tonic 100ml

Herbal combination for the support of a healthy nervous systemIngredients: Chamomile, Oatseed, Motherwort, Nettle, ScutellariaEmotional stability & relaxation support in times of stress Nervous system balancing aid Calming & soothing Hormonal support Traditional herbal rem..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13