Natural Skin Creams

Natural Skin Creams

Natural anti-aging support skin creams & serum
Herbal skin cream for rash & skin health
Natural cream for enhancing circulation
Soothing aromatherapy cream for feet
Enriching cream for dry heels and feet
Natural hormone support cream

Kiwikitz™ natural skin creams use GE free ingredients

Kiwikitz™ creams and balms are free of nasty additives commonly found in many commercial, aqueous and 'natural' creams.

"I had a severe allergic reaction on my hands which left them cracked and dry. I used Eruptive and Irritated Skin Cream daily and it was so soothing and moisturising. It was also the only cream that didn\'t cause any further irritation and I had tried loads of other natural creams"

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Barrier & All Purpose Healing Cream Support -14%

Barrier & All Purpose Healing Cream Support

Ingredients: New Zealand Kawakawa, Chickweed, St Johns Wort, Myrrh,Yarrow, Turmeric  extract in a  Oxygenated Colloidal Silver Cream base with Cajuput essential oil  60gm" I have used the Kiwikitz Barrier & General Healing Cream for many years now when I have several..

NZ$ 35.00 NZ$ 30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.09

Cayenne Turmeric Instant use drops New

Cayenne Turmeric Instant use drops

Cayenne extract includes antioxidant turmeric extract and comes in user friendly instant drops - pop-in-your-pocket or handbag bottle. Cayenne for heart health - traditional use of cayenne for heart health is well documented and has become more popular again over the years with research demonstrati..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74

Colloidal Silver Cream - Popular Antibacterial Action

Ingredients: Oxygenated Colloidal Silver (10ppm at time of manufacture) in a natural cream base free of parabens & other nastiesBurns Sores & Wounds Slow-to-Heal Skin Persistent Fungal or Bacterial Infection Resistant to other forms of treatment Hang Nails 'Jock' ItchKiwikitz™..

NZ$ 20.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 17.39

Eruptive, Irritated Skin Rash Cream

Kiwikitz™ Eruptive & Irritated Skin Cream is recommended for:Skin Irritation & Eruptions Burns Promotes rapid skin healing Sores Germ-Busting herbal action Wounds Weeping Skin Mineral rich, anmtioxidant rich nutrients Rash Bites & Stings Sunburn & Windburn Acne support..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43

Foot Balm Aromatherapy Cream Soothing for Tired, Cracked or Dry Feet

Kiwikitz™ Aromatherapy Foot Balm contains Vitamin E and Essential Oils in a natural cream baseCracked Heels Dry or Uncomfortable Feet Relax & D-Stress Feet Smoothing & Nourishing Feet & Ankles Tired, Tense Feet & Hands Soothing AromatherapyKiwikitz™ Soothing Aromat..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43

Harmony Hormone & Menopause Support Cream

Kiwikitz™ Harmony Hormone Menopause support - Change-of-Life Cream Kiwikitz has been producing 'Harmony' - the popular & original New Zealand-made, all natural Menopause Change-of-Life Support Cream (commonly called natural progesterone cream or Wild Yam menopause cream)  si..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43

Itchy Skin Relieving Spray - for pets & people

NATURAL PET REMEDIES STORE products are distributed by Kiwikitz NZ  NATURAL SOOTHING PET SPRAY FOR ITCHY OR IRRITATED SKIN.  THIS PRODUCT HAS A COLLOIDAL SILVER BASE AND CAN BE USED FOR PEOPLE TOO!   Soothing and healing spray for itchy skin Natural germ busting, anti-vir..

NZ$ 25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74


Kiwikitz™ Organic Kiwifruit Skin Cream combines a natural cream base with nutrient rich Organic Kiwifruit - naturally supplying vital Enzymes (facilitates skin exfoliation), essential Minerals (promotes youthful health), Antioxidants (premature aging protection) Vitamin A (immune support), Vitamin B..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43

Warm-Up Cream Circulation/joint/muscle/scar

Ingredients: Contains NZ native plant remedy Horopito, Cayenne, Tumeric, Witch HazelCold feet or hands Contains potent pain relieving capsaicin Promotes better blood flow Chilblain support nutrients Capillary strengthening support Antioxidant rich formula General Nerve Pain Discoloured fe..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43

Sun Damaged Skin Cream 60 gm New

Sun Damaged Skin Cream 60 gm

 Specific for barnacles, dry & scaly skinOver-exposure to the sunSun damaged skin healing supportAntioxidant rich turmeric cream blendSkin Protection nutrientsContains sun protecting zincUse under makeup or under natural sunblockVitamin & mineral rich ..

NZ$ 35.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43