NZ Native Plant Tonics

NZ Native Plant Tonics

Kiwikitz recommends the following for further information and is valuable reading 

The native plant tonics have been studied in depth by Murdock Riley who wrote 'Maori Healing & Herbal New Zealand Ethnobotanical Sourcebook' (1994).  This textbook in Part 1 Maori Healing & Health Topics, describes traditional use of indigenous plants and Part 2 Maori Herbal remedies, describes in detail the individual plant benefits.

'New Zealand Medicinal Plants' by Brooker, Cambie, Cooper (1981), reviews the question of the use made by maori, missionaries and earlier settlers, of native plants for specific purposes and examine the chemical constituents found in these plants, likely to be of value.  This book has over 400 references which can be consulted for further study originally being produced in 1961.

Kiwikitz products are designed to support and not a replacement for prescribed medication. Supplements, herbals & rongoa should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding mums unless recommended by your  health professional. Take supplements & herbals at a different time from medication. Take as directed and if symptoms persist see your health professional.

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BRONCHIAL & LUNG ELIXIR with Kumarahou drops

Our user-friendly instant drops can be carried in a pocket or handbag. Larger drop bottles are available for family use or ongoing use.These drops are now in 2 sizes- 30ml amber glass dropper bottle and 100ml amber glass dropper bottleGeneral lung elixir tonic Supports the nervous syste..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

GERMS-B-WARE Immune & Lymphatic Tonic with Kawakawa- 100ml

Olive Leaf, Echinacea,Astragalus, Burdock, Dandelion, Cayenne and native KawakawaMay be taken by those who need support for,Easy breathing and clear airways A healthy immune system Supporting the body's natural immune defences during the winter season Respiratory function Need..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

KAWAKAWA Drops Blood cleansing, skin & kidney Tonic 100ml

Kiwikitz™ Kawakawa Drops traditionally used in the following natural herbal detoxing  Supporting all skin conditions  - externally and internally  herbal support for rheumatic pain & joint mobility conditions  bitter tonic useful for supporting digesti..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

KOROMIKO NZ native plant remedy

Kiwikitz™Koromiko rongoa is a bitter tonicTraditional NZ Native Plant Remedies include Koromiko.  Maori and early settlers used Koromiko for either as an infusion, chewing the herb, mixed with other NZ native plants, applied externally and by using the plant..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

KUMARAHOU NZ plant tonic

Kumarahou - The gentle, tiraditonal NZ native plant remedyKiwikitz Kumarahou herbal remedy action is alterative  This means a  blood purifier that helps detox your body and supports elimination of waste product to improve overall health & well being.  This happens via the lung..

NZ$ 45.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 39.13

MANUKA NZ Native remedy antibacterial support

FOR PETS & PEOPLE Kiwikitz™ Manuka Herbal action:Traditional usesManuka has been used externally and internally by Maori and Early settler alike and has many applications due to the herbal action of the plant. Commonly used forSupportive to respiratory health May eas..

NZ$ 52.90 Ex Tax: NZ$ 46.00

Gum Gel

Gum Gel - All natural gel containing collloidal silver and Manuka essential oil, Organic Guar Gum is used to blend and NZ Pure Ultra-distilled H20 is included in this preparation.New Zealand Native Plant Manuka-Manuka is a very well recognised NZ native plant remedy and bee keepers put thei..

NZ$ 26.00 Ex Tax: NZ$ 22.61