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Natural Health for Kids

Natural Health for Kids

Kiwikitz™Natural health products for

  • Children's natural immune tonic
  • Natural health product for calming kids
  • Sports enhancer for kids & adults
  • Natural health products for hyperactive kids

    Kiwikitz™ have produced Tasty Herbal Extracts in drops form specifically for childrens health and holistic care.  These natual products are suitable for children all ages with the correct dosage shown on the label. 

    Kids Immune Drops are popular for persistent congestion, and runny noses and children prone to winter ills.  The Kids Wind-Down Drops are recommended for helping kids relax and chill out at the end of day.   Wind-down herbal remedy can be taken at  any time and may be helpful for over active, stressed or emotional children

  • In addition a comprehensive range of  Kiwikitz New Zealand natural supplements and natural herbal plant remedies, NZ flaxseed and evening primrose vegetable omega fatty acids for skin and brain health, natural skin creams and balms, colloidal plant minerals, colloidal silver creams & products and concentrated herbal extracts are suitable for childrens health when taken as directed, following the dosing recommendations listed below

    Kiwikitz recommend following the dosing table below  in all instances except when prescribed a personalised remedy by your Herbalist, Homeobotanical Therapist or Natural Medicine Practitioner. Based on the British Herbal Pharmacopea
  • Teenager - full dose
  • 8-12 yrs - 3/4 full dose
  • 4-7 yrs - 1/4 dose
  • 2-3 yrs - 1/8 dose
  • 1 yr - 1/16th dose

under 1 yr - herbal remedies should not be given unless prescribed specifically for children i.e. Kiwikitz Kids Immune & Kids Wind-down Drops.  Contact Kiwikitz if in doubt or if you would like your baby to take any of the Kiwikitz Herbal Extracts shown on the catalogue and require advice on suitability and/or directions.

Kiwikitz™ can supply Homeobotanical Remedies when required or NZ bush remedies that can be made specifically for your child. These remedies are safely prescribed for babies and pregnant woman as they are already in diluted form.  Please click on the Clinic Tab to find out more or to place an order for a Homeobotanical Remedy or NZ bush remedy

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Eruptive, Irritated Skin Rash Cream
Kiwikitz™ Eruptive & Irritated Skin Cream is recommended for: Skin Irritation & Eruptions Burns Promotes rapid skin healing Sores Germ-Busting herbal action Wounds Weeping Skin Mineral rich, anmtioxidant rich nutrients Rash Bites & Stings Sunburn & Windburn Acne support & skin break-outs "I had a severe allergic reaction on my hands which left them cracked and ..
Evening Primrose /NZ Flaxseed Oil Heart/Brain/Skin
Kiwikitz VEGETABLE OMEGA 3, 6, 9 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS  - containing quality New Zealand grown Flax seed oil.  An excellent choice for both People and their Pets! Ingredients in Kiwikitz™ omega supplment - Evening Primrose Oil 500mg, New Zealand Flax seed Oil 500ml capsules (EFA's & GLA's) omega's 3, 6 & 9.  Omega fatty acids are know to: Prevent arte..
Ingredients: Passiflora, Skullcap, Oats, Chamomile, Liquorice & Vegetable Glycerine T A S T Y    T A S T Y    T A S T Y    T A S T Y    T A S T Y Kiwikitz™ Kids Adrenal Calming Wind-down Drops can be used whenever required and are recommended for: emotional stress or grief when teary for mild sedative calming action irregular..
KID'S IMMUNE BOOSTER Lymphatic System Tonic
Need an immune boost and lymphatic support blend that you can safely take all winter in easily dispensed drop form?   Try our Kids Immune drops.  Please note this product contains Honey Ingredients: Liquorice, Echinacea, Red clover, Myrrh, Calendula, Ginger, Cleavers, Peppermint + Honey Runny nose? Lymph glands swollen? Earache? Frequently run down and feeling miserable? Alw..
Based on 1 reviews.
NATURAL IRON PICK-ME-UP Mineral Tonic Safe in Pregnancy 100ml
Kiwikitz™ Natural iron & General Pick-me-up Tonic contains  Burdock, Nettle, Dandelion, Chickweed, Yellow Dock, Turmeric Traditional blend of herbs valued for the rich vitamin and mineral content including Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C and the gentle liver and blood cleansing action Non-constipating Safe for pregnant and lactating woman Supports gentle liver detox Blood purifying..
Parasite drops contain Wormwood,  Walnut,  Liquorice,  Senna, Cloves Did you know ... that you may have one in five chance of having parasites? Did you know ... that you may show no obvious symptoms of parasite infestation? Did you know ...  that bloating, constipation, diarrhea, food intolerance & excessive fatigue can be a sign of parasite infestation Dr Galland ..
Based on 1 reviews.

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