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Gallbladder Flushing – the 11 day plan

Gallbladder Flushing – the 11 day plan
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Why do a gall bladder cleanse?

Our 11 day gallbladder flushing plan has been revised and used for over 20 years to gentle flushing of the liver and gallbladder tract of accumulated debris. Over the past decade, our food chain has been swamped with fast foods and unhealthy fats that compromise liver, gallbladder and kidney function. Congested gallbladder is linked to parasite infestation, acid/alkaline imbalance (bile is an alkaline compound needed to emulsify fats) and many digestive problems including bloating, feeling uncomfortable after eating, pain especially after a fatty meal and indigestion

What to expect when doing a gallbladder flush & can this remove gallstones or soften gallstones?

When flushing the liver and gallbladder using the traditional method described in the 11 day plan, you may find little green iridescent stones which may be really small or as big as your little finger nail. If following the dietary eating suggestions below in conjunction with the products, you may find jelly-like gallstones or greenish sludge as the stagnant bile and dissolving matter is excreted. Most people are amazed at the results seeing gallstones or sludge excreted then demonstrating better digestive health, increased energy and general feeling of well being. The dietary plan includes a natural source of mallic acid, recommended to help soften gallstones.

How do I improve the health of my gallbladder naturally and flush gallstones naturally?

The following Supplementation should be done prior to and during the gallbladder flush to ensure that the old stored bile has been gently flushed away and to ensure best results with this therapy. Most people report good results although the 3 day gallstone flush or gall stone detox program promoted on many websites, is not recommended by kiwikitz as it may result in flushing too quickly before the stones have a chance to soften and dissolve, so that is why The Kiwiktiz Gallbladder Flush Kit & eating plan is a 11 day procedure, recommended alongside traditional natural remedies to provide a more holistic, gentle and safer approach. The Gallbladder Cleanse drops supplied will also support better function of the liver and kidneys and a more effective flush during this process. The Colon Cleanse will support flushing of accumulated debris and impacted matter and generally improve colon function. The Parasite Flush Drops contain herbs supporting adrenal function, bowel cleansing as well as cleansing intestinal worms and flukes.

  • Kiwikitz™ Gallbladder Cleanse take as directed
  • Kiwikitz™ Parasite Cleanse & Adrenal support may double dose on bottle if over 70kg body weight
  • Kiwikitz™Complete Colon Cleanse take as directed (may be safely doubled if constipated)
  • The 11 day Gallbladder Flush Program


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