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  • Anti-viral - use sublingually (under tongue) when required
  • Burns - use atomizer or cream
  • Cancer - use sublingually, may support & boost immune function
  • Candida/thrush -  as a douche for vaginal thrush & atomiser for oral thrush
  • Disinfectant - wiping surfaces
  • Fungal infections - use atomiser or cream & add to bath water
  • Infection - use orally, topically, optically (to eyes) and ears
  • Mouth ulcers & tooth abcess - spray mouth & rinse toothbrush in silver
  • Nappy rash - use in atomizer form
  • Open wounds - use in atomizer or cream form
  • Purifying water  or spa pool- add to water
  • Pets - purify water & take orally or topically when infection present
  • School sores - add to bath water and spray on skin surface afterwards
  • Sinus congestion - use in atomizer form up nostrils and take orally
  • Sore throat - use in atomizer form
  • Winter ‘bug' - hold in the mouth or under tongue before swallowing

See traditional colloidal silver common uses and recommendations listed above.

Doctors and laymen have safely used colloidal Silver liquid for over 100 years. When used as directed, there are no known side effects. However, beware of imitations and some homemade products, which may be unsafe or ineffective, particularly when the wrong base liquid has been used.

Traditionally, Colloidal Silver was used when dealing with burns patients and in the early 1900's, was used extensively as a natural form of anti-biotic. With the introduction of Penicillin, colloidal silver was gradually replaced because of the expense during the Great Depression.

Kiwikitz™ has produced, what we believe to be, a superior preparation of Colloidal Silver, which has been Oxygenated during the manufacturing process and tested at 10ppm

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