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GERMS-B-WARE Immune & Lymphatic Tonic with Kawakawa

GERMS-B-WARE Immune & Lymphatic Tonic with Kawakawa
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Kiwikitz™ Germs-B-Ware contains Kawakawa, Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Burdock plus Dandelion and Echinacea

  • Congested & feeling miserable?
  • Usual remedies just haven't been as effective?
  • Always seem to be 'catching something'?
  • Bugs seem to hit you each year?
  • Cough, cough, cough?
  • Nightime stuffy nose and stuffy head?
  • Ongoing skin eruptions?
  • High uric acid levels or often get gout?
  • Need a blood cleanser?
  • Adrenal overload?
  • Need immune support to carry you through the winter?
  • Puffy and feeling out of sorts

Immune booster support and herbs may help improve lymphatic system function to detox by improving lymph transport of debris, toxins and dead cells through the lymph vessel into the lymph nodes for filtering

KAWAKAWA contains myristicin which is a mild antiseptic and the leaves and wood contain lignans.  Wikipedia states that lignans serve an antioxidant role in the plant's defenses against biotic and abiotic factors, and have shown antiinflammatory and antioxidant action. 

OLIVE LEAF found to be effective against many viral, fungal & bacterial infections and demonstrated to reduce uric acid activity.  This may be beneficial for gout and arthritis sufferers (Belgian Pharmacology journal 1994)

ECHINACEA herbal action si immine enhancing and modulating, depurative (improves elimination of waste), lymphatic and may assist in infection, blood poisoning and general septic conditions

ASTRAGALUS known as the King of herbs, promotes healing & tissue regeneration and raises immunity to Para influenza virus (read more about this on the Journal of Animal Science & Biotechnology) improves adrenal function & aids in stress reduction

BURDOCK cleansing, diuretic, anti-rheumatic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herbal action. Naturally high in iron, minerals and vitamins this blood purifying herbal is an effective traditional herbal for skin health

DANDELION liver and digestive tonic, hepatic & stimulates bile flow.  May assist with general fluid retention, stiff & painful joints, skin eruptions and unlike many diuretics, does not cause potassium loss.

CAYENNE contains capsaicin a potent pain relief agent, flavonois which strengthen blood vessel walls and support better blood flow, vitamin C which strengthen capillaries and cell walls and also assists in the production of haemoglobin in red blood cells. 

Kiwikitz™ Germs-B-Ware - Immune Defence & Lymphatic Congestion support is a blend of tasty herbal extracts, selected for their traditional, time proven and more recently, well researched abilities in supporting the immune system towards better health.

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