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MANUKA NZ Native remedy antibacterial action

MANUKA NZ Native remedy antibacterial action
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KIWIKITZ™ MANUKA (Leptospermum scoparium)

Kiwikitz™ Manuka Herbal action:

Febrifuge (prevents or reduces fever) 

Alterative (blood cleanser or substance that detoxes and eliminates metabolic waste). This action is generally via the lymphatics, kidneys, liver, lung, skin to help restore better function to promote improved health.

Haemostatic (stops external  bleeding)

Anti-bacterial (destroys or inhibits bacteria)

Anthelmintic (kills & expells intestinal worms)

Astringent (absorbs water)

Manuka has been used externally and internally by maori and Early settler alike and has many applications due to the herbal action of the plant.   Captain Cook named this plant 'tea-plant' and gave his crew Manuka Tea consisting of Manuka leaves and stalks (NZ Medicinal Plants Brooker,Cambie & Cooper (1981)

Commonly used for

  • Cough, congestion, fevers
  • May ease general digestive upsets
  • Skin healing support - particularly sores and wounds
  • Urinary system health support
  • Can be added to water when bathing
  • May be rubbed directly on to inflammed or ulcerated gums
  • Cleansing
  • Use as a mouthwash for bad breath
  • Vitamin C rsource

Known as the Tea tree, this valuable NZ native plant remedy has traditional uses listed above that are still relevant today.  Kiwikitz™ Manuka is in the concentrated form of a herbal extract.  Fresh plant matter vapour is inhaled for sinus & chest congestion as it an effective volatile oil

The sweet gum on the Manuka branches (pia Manuka) was traditionally taken for coughing. Young leaves are used for general digestive health sores, wounds, urinary health. The astringent properties - meaning it absorbs water, makes this helpful for watery stools. 
Captain Cook gave his crew Manuka Tea consisting of Manuka leaves and stalk valued for the the Vitamin C and overall nutritional content - to keep Scurvy at bay.

"The Manuka Native Remedy is amazing!
I bought some for my elderly father who had an ulcer on his ankle. He took this daily and it really sped up the healing process in comparison to how long a previous ulcer took to heal"

As a general rule - supplements , herbals & ronga should be avoided by pregnant and lactating woman unless specifically recommended by their Herbalist, Homeobotanical Therapist or Natural Medicine Practitioner.

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